Experience sushi the way it’s done in Tokyo

At Shoushin, our belief is that simplicity is the hardest to achieve. That’s why we craft Tokyo-style sushi that is pure, fusion-free and extraordinarily authentic. The type of sushi that would earn the approval of the most exacting Japanese chef.

Years of learning, dedication and skill have gone into our pursuit of the perfect sushi. See the difference in our carefully plated creations. Taste the difference with wild-caught fish, handmade wasabi and other details that discerning sushi connoisseurs appreciate.

We’ve designed Shoushin to be a temple devoted to true Japanese cuisine. Expect seasonal, sometimes rare, ingredients. Inspired dishes that will make your taste buds sing. Omakase tasting menus that are spontaneous works of Japanese culinary art.

All in a luxe atmosphere that is both stunning and intimate at the same time. Shoushin is one of only two North American establishments with a sushi bar fashioned from hinoki, a Japanese cypress revered for its fragrance and rarity.

Because we believe that perfect sushi is best enjoyed in as perfect a setting as possible.

Irrashaimase. We’re grateful that you’re here.

"Mr. Lin’s specialty is classic, Tokyo-style sushi, with each species cut or scored, seasoned and in some cases marinated or smoked to highlight its best attributes. He serves each piece at its ideal temperature, so the fish begins to melt the instant it hits your tongue."
Chris Nuttall-Smith
"...food and drink, in their highest form, are an art unto themselves."
Christine Sismondo
"Each piece of sushi is completely distinct."
Adam Waxman
"Dining at Shoushin is a refined, curated experience, and the chef’s dedication to perfection makes it unforgettable."
Rondie Li
"A slice of octopus that made me realize my long-time dislike of octopus sushi was entirely the fault of the octopus I was eating."
Natalie Manzocco
"At Shoushin restaurant, your culinary experience may be exceptional, but to Chef Jackie, it can always get better."
Jason Finestone
"He puts so much love and care into each creation as he tenderly places each piece by piece in front of you to enjoy."
Sonya Davidson
AZN Modern
"We came here expecting a finally legitimate sushi bar; we left with a world-class food experience."
Tracy H.
Fashion Ecstacy

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